July Blues Album Of The Month

When husband and wife Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi formed Tedeschi Trucks band last year, no one was surprised that they created a formidable duo on their debut record Revelation. For anyone lucky enough to have seen either in concert, you can probably guess their combined ability is just as incredible on stage. On their new live album Everybody’s Talkin’, Trucks and Tedeschi not only bring to life the songs that made their album such a success, they cover a few blues heavy hitters along the way. This album leads off with Fred Neil’s classic “Everybody’s Talkin'”, which really highlights Tedeschi’s powerful live vocals and gets you in the mood to get up and get moving. “Bound For Glory” leads of with delicately played guitar by one of the true masters of this generation in Trucks before rest of the band joins in. Three minutes in the song seems to be wrapped up before the band launches into an extended jam session of top notch blues rock. Overall, the band sounds just as good live as they do in the studio, a feat that has always been hard to come by for most musicians. Fortunately Tedeschi and Trucks both have the chops to put on a great live show and the backing band only adds to their collective talents. This live performance only makes you appreciate the unique relationship of Tedeschi and Trucks and how they have used to it create one of the most talented blues rock acts around.