July Blend Album Of The Month

San Antonio, Texas native Alejandro Escovedo has come a long way from his early punk rock roots. Like many of the artists who started with punk rock, he has evolved over time to go well beyond his beginnings, but you can definitely hear its influence on his new album Big Station. He leads off with a track that puts a modern twist on his early upbringing. “Man Of The World” sounds like a song straight out of the late 70s or early 80s, but it has a terrific modern twist. Escovedo’s lyrical talents are clear on “Bottom Of The World” where he not only goes over the changes across the globe, he reference changes he’s seen in his own life over the years. His honesty is loud and clear as he’s not afraid to pull punches through his words. He combines both his punk roots and strong lyrics on “Common Mistake” as he delves into some of his more complex day-to-day thoughts. One of the great parts of looking back at a musicians’ careers is seeing their roots and also seeing how they have evolved over time. Even more impressive is when an artist like Escovedo is able to take his lifelong experiences and integrate his past into his present work like he did here.